This journal’s purpose will be to describe pertinent and noteworthy content concerning news, current events and social issues from all of historic Palestine. Notably, it will offer continuing analysis and respectable resources devoted to the Israeli occupation.

Posts may, at times, seem disconnected or otherwise unrelated except that they all address the situation in Palestine. This is on purpose. As often as I can, I will find a variety of items to post and comment on. Please beware that this blog will not be a source devoted to news but a sort of “item-of-the-day” experiment. One day may address a news item while the next may call attention to a human rights report or cultural event. The point is to make it as varied as possible.

In the US, where this blog is published, our citizens lack an embarrassing amount of knowledge concerning the Israeli occupation. To this end, I’m trying to make this blog accessible to those with varying levels of knowledge about Palestine/Israel. Therefore, some content may seem elementary to those more sophisticated on the subject.

Lastly, I am not a Palestinian (or an Israeli, or a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Christian). Although, I have spent time in the region, I do not live under occupation and will never fully understand what the struggle for self-determination is like. Therefore, this blog will not, and cannot, be used to instruct occupied Palestinians on how to conduct their intifada.




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