Posted by: noticeable | April 20, 2009

US a No-Show at UN Conference

The extraordinary power of the Jewish State was on display again as the Obama Administration and other powerful allies boycotted “Durban II” this week.  Reaffirming the supposition that thinking critically of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians is grounds for accusations of antisemitism, no matter how attenuated, the Jewish State has wielded unprecedented strength in convincing the powerful Western nations to once again ignore the pleas and circumstances of the majority of the world in favor of the interests of the tiny empire.  See AIPAC’s press release below:


Washington, D.C. — The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) strongly applauds the Obama Administration’s decision to boycott the Durban II conference. The event, which has again proven to be a celebration of racism and vile anti-Semitic activity, is further evidence of the U.N.’s inability to demonstrate any semblance of fairness or objectivity on these issues when it comes to the Jewish State. President Obama’s decision not to send U.S. representation to the April event is the right thing to do and underscores America’s unstinting commitment to combating intolerance and racism in all its forms and in all settings. We commend the President, Secretary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Rice for this principled decision.



  1. In my view, when a sacred cow lobbies for another country, something is wrong. I think real leadership risks reelection to take it on. I recommend the following post on the blog:

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