Posted by: noticeable | February 17, 2007

Obama: Israelis want more than anything to live in peace with their neighbors (or the return of the Zionist agenda to U.S. presidential politcs)

Ode to Nov. 4th 2008:  My Throwback from Feb. 2007.

The U.S. democrats are proving once again that they have no heart when it comes to supplying unwavering support for Israel even in the face of its continuing human rights abuses and international criticism. In a recent Haaretz article found here, U.S. Presidential hopeful, and current Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama was quoted as saying, “Israelis want more than anything to live in peace with their neighbors, but Israel also has real – and very dangerous – enemies.” I tend to steer away from knee-jerk reactions to single public quotes, but I am truly troubled by Obama’s remark.

To start off, its not true. Israel wants anything but peace, Mr. Obama. It has spent decades constructing oppressive physical and psychological infrastructure with nothing more in mind than to harass and kill Palestinians. Let’s look at the following. Military checkpoint saturate the West Bank. Everyday, everyday, Mr. Obama, Palestinians must pass through checkpoints while automatic weapons are pointed at them. Think about this. Mothers, children in hand, look down the barrel of military weapons everyday. Random checkpoint closures prevent students from attending school and medical care becomes a rarity as these same closures make no exceptions for emergency care. Gaza still remains occupied as Israel maintains control over its sea and land borders as well as its airspace. What type of self-determination is that? Israel may have enemies alright; indeed, it makes them.

These comments by Obama also speak volumes about his character and the direction of the U.S. democratic party. Touted as a “breath of fresh air” by the democrats, it’s these comments that are the most telling. They indicate no real change for the party in terms of Israel and prove that the status quo will be maintained. Obama in the democratic party is simply window dressing. The Zionist demographic in the democratic party will be placated. (Sidenote: are American Zionists influential enough to decide who will be our president? If only Scully and Mulder were still around!)

But its the lack of context that bothers me the most with comments like Obama’s. They reference no history or specific conditions in which enemies are made and therefore don’t put the onus of creating justice on the actor responsible for creating its enemies. This leaves the “enemy” in the position to take whatever the other gives. Meanwhile, the other will always be able to defend its actions, no matter how abhorrent, because the other will justify such action because the enemy wishes to kill the other. Nevermind the surrounding circumstances or context, we can always mask them to make the actions seem defensible or, at least, excusable. But under common law systems, self-defense only works when you’re not the original aggressor.

But the truth is that Israel will always have enemies until it changes its course. While Palestinians are forever punished for not “recognizing Israel,” Israel’s feet are never put to the fire to recognize Palestine as the culmination of a people, its society and its culture. In fact, some argue that there are no Palestinians.

Obama, like so many before him, has given in to the Zionist agenda. He missed his chance to advocate for real justice; his allegiances will always be questioned and he will be no “breath of fresh air” for the Palestinians.

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  1. Ah Sir-you are way too nice. I’m way older and know more than I want to know, so I’m not nice anymore.

    Mr. Obama, like every other hungry USian politician, was just playing the waiting game…waiting for the guys with the money bags to make him offers. And given that horror of horrors, he was sent to an Islamic school for a while as a child, maybe the uszs didn’t have to cough up so much. You know they don’t call these people politicians for nothing. He really didn’t ‘miss any chances’, it’s not that people hadn’t tried to talk to him in all this time, and he does know how to read and see. You give him too much credit.


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