Posted by: noticeable | January 29, 2007

Video: Gaza After Disengagment

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by maps, charts, numbers and diagrams. No doubt these are powerful tools used to convey information and many of us find them a huge help in understanding complex content. For this reason, I find the work of If Americans Knew so compelling. They consistently supply striking charts and tables detailing the Palestinian-Israeli issue juxtaposed against the “common understating and beliefs” that Americans have about the conflict. Indeed, their mission is to address the misreporting of the conflict so prevalent in the American media. In a conflict wrought with emotion and sensationalism, such material offers a crystal clear picture of just how disproportionate the situation truly is.

The following video, produced by If Americans Knew, is both dramatic in its imagery and persuasive in its use of UN documents and charts showing the disproportionate brunt that Palestinians have been forced to bare in this “conflict.”


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