Posted by: noticeable | January 24, 2007

The more that I learn…Palestinian film

One of the purposes of this blog, in addition to providing news and commentary on Palestinian affairs, is to humanize the population of Palestine. As I wrote that last sentence, I couldn’t help but find it somewhat insulting. “Humanize” Palestinians? Of course they are human beings. Why even suggest that one needs to argue, or show, the very obvious? Simply, because in the United States, where this blog is written, Palestinians are not viewed fairly or as a dynamic, lucid population. Old, and continuing, stereotypes persist which I do not feel warrant explanation here. You know what I mean. What about Palestinian emotion?, love?, desire?, need?, community?, family?, identity?

Palestinian film is becoming a strong medium for conveying these human traits and those around the world rallying for Palestinian freedom are screening these movies to explore the vibrant Palestinian cultural landscape. The Palestinian Audio-Visual Project, funded by the European Union-Partnership for Peace Programme and the A.M. Qattan Foundation, is one organization seeking to nurture Palestinian film and export it to the rest of the world. They express the reason for their mission with the following:

The audio-visual sector has become a rich medium that Palestinians use to convey their varying experiences and to express what it means to be a Palestinian. Nonetheless, it is still difficult to speak of an audio-visual industry as such. Directors and producers continue to face considerable difficulties not only in relation to funding or high quality technical capacity, but also in distribution. For Palestinian technicians, training and work opportunities are few and far between. Moreover, despite the growth of distribution channels open to them in Europe (and to a lesser extent in the US), Palestinian films continue to face great difficulty finding the appropriate co-production and distribution channels.

and their objectives:

  • The development of a more dynamic and independent Palestinian audio-visual sector through the building of technical capacity;
  • The development of greater public awareness of audio-visual culture, particularly among school children;
  • The improvement of understanding of Palestinian issues among the Palestinians themselves as well as their neighbours, through the distribution of audio-visual works on Palestinian themes;
  • The empowerment of the professional corps to enable it to demand the necessary legislation for a more independent and democratic Palestinian media
  • With the efforts of these types of organizations, the Palestinian Question can be presented more fairly to an international audience. One can only hope that these good works act as a strong advocate for the inevitable liberation of Palestine. Please support this work!


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